Testimony of Horst Kohl and his work with handicaped people

Born: 25th Januar 1944
Professional:   Assistant of rescue. Now in retirement

Expert for sport with disabled
Expert sport for rehabilitation

Honorary position:
Chairman of the disabled – and war disabled sport club Kitzingen 1956 e.V.

My long way to God
"Until my 35th year of my life, I was a big sinner. I don't change my life, nevertheless of terrible things in my life (death of my son than he was five, divorce, and other things more) and terrible situations, also in my profession as assistant of rescue there you see terible things.
I grow up in an enviroment there was nothing of god or any christian life.
In spring 1979, my social decline was near.
But on eastermonday these year, God started to change my life. He sent me a woman and she was like an angel. I am married with these angel since 25 years.
She shown me the way to god. In the beginning, it was hard for me to pray or read the bible. The meetings with christian who read together the bible and pray was boring for me. Nevertheless, from meeting to meeting, it was more an more interesting for me. And suddenly, the day came, there I was happy to meet the brethren in Christ. Tody, it is for me like a walking to a well with fresh water.
I got the hungry to learn more about the bible. And I started lerarning theology for two years. My goal was Sterbebegleitung. I wanted to like study three years, but I became problems with my health, so could’t no more drive the long way.
The next goal was to be a Lector. But this instruction didn’t start, because there were to less participants.
My wife is a nurse and me, Iwas long years medical assistent in rescue life who worked in a part of a geriatrie, there old people close away.
In these last year; I recognized how many people must die alone. So I wished to guide people in there last days until the death.
I thank God for so many things in my life. HE gave me a lovely wife, I live in safe and comfort condition. And there are so many other things more I have to thanks to God.

I thank God for my life!"

Horst M. Kohl
Why want handicapped people learning martial art and self defence?

There are many different reason, why people starting training.
The most answere from people with handicaps is follow answere: “I want to like defend me I need the exercise of my body and in normal clubs, nobody is interesting in me and I am alone there.
I think, that these people who teach the aspects of martial art, fightsport or selfe defence, that they should think about, who is the student.
If a trainer is not think, or interesting about that, I must say to him, that he is only interesting in money and the plural of members in his club.

We as a trainer, we are responsible what image will become the martial in the in the public.
If you watch the pictures in the television or in the media, You will see mostly the bloody fight. But if you are engage in the beginning and the philosophies (not the philosophies which is teaching against the bible, you will get another opinion.