Testimony of Wolfgang Lindemeyer

Unfortunately, I started with Martial Art very late, cause my parents forbidden it. They had the fear, that I would become a tough (clobber).
After the german army when I was eighteen, I started with Tae-Kwon-Do. After my second blue belt, I got a tear of a ligament in the right knee (cruciatum anterior) because of false training and I had a long break.
After my break, I got experiences in boxing and kickboxing.
Years later, I got my 1.Dan and my licence to teach in martial art in the European-Self-Defense-Organisation (ESDO).
My first goal for me was to help people, who can not help themselves and show them the defense that they can help themselves.
Years later, I started with Escrima.
The Idea to tell other sportsmen in martial art about Jesus, I got in the time I trained Tae Kwon Do. In this time a companion made suicide.
I gave my life Jesus Christ and I shall seek first the kingdom of god, so why shouldn’t I include my sport?