Christianity and Fighting Sports

1. Sports aspect
a) Sport to compensate the modern way of life
b) Physical fitness through gymnastics
c) Improvement of coordination skills

2. Personality development
a) Development of self-confidence / self-assurance; an appropiate manner
    can diffuse tense situations.
b) Providing appropiate assistance in an emergency does requires courage,
    seif-assurance, skill and trust in God.

3. The spiritual aspect
There are many Master in martial arts and writers about martial arts, which mean, a good martial artist can not practice theri style without the far eastern mysticism.
Unfortunately, the mostly people associate martial arts with eastern mystic or eastern philosophies.
As Christians as well fight oriented sportsmen we also distance ourselves from esoteric practices (New Age) as applied in some martial arts in order, for example, to become "one with the universe", calling up spirits and such like, or to tap into supernatural sources, etc.
To be connected with the "Divine" or any impersonal cosmic power, to learn about salvation and the very peace and/or to make it into eternal life we do not need any wisdoms nor any doctrines coming from other religions or vital philosophies as Christians.

Robert Bussey, Ninjutsu-Master and "The king of combat" wrote about, that he noticed, that he went a better athlete of fighting sport, after he kicked off the mystic and far eastern religious philosophies out of his life.

Would do you like know more?
Yet the bible speaks about the Ki and the cosmic energy!

Read also the reports of people, they made experience with Ki, QiGong and other far eastern religious philosophies!