Ki for Christians

First of all, I want to like say thanks to the couple Elke and Martin, formal Buddhists, for some information. They are authors of some books about the Buddhism and international except.
From the bottom of our heart, for us (the board of the CFM) it is very important, that we don’t guide other Christian upon wrong ways, or encourage going a way looks like still safe.
For the first moment, quicksand is very difficult to recognize. You recognize him, when it is too late and you are sinking.
In christian love to the other brethren, we please to searching for a fight sport, where you can exclude any mindset of the philosophy from Fareast.
We want to bring up again, that here is the big problem to differentiate, where the physical trainings stops and the spiritual training begins subtl.
You will have the problem to recognize the border and only the specialists in martial art can see this border nearly.
In the world view of the bible, there is a creator god and the human is the crown of the world, who should manage the earth in community with god.
The world view of the Buddhism looks otherwise.
In the “faith” of the Far East philosophy, there exist one or more godheads, ghosts or ancestry, the principles of the Dao or Dhamma and the ideas of the Nirvana or afterworld.
In this close connection, there is the term Dao (Japanese =do), in direct link the religion.
In the Zen-Buddhism, Do is the way to the enlightenment (Satori). Dao means “The Way” and in the Chinese philosophy it means the eternal principle of creation and effect and the key in the traditional Chinese culture.
The Dao shall be responsible for the genesis of this world and for the anticlimaxes Ying (microcosm) and Yang (macrocosm), which penetrate this world and the universe.
Dao comprises the physical and the invisible world.
Dao presents the highest level of existence, too and is the impersonally antithesis to the creator god, who became man in Jesus Christ, the only way to the eternity father.
The elementary energy of life, the Ki, is this energy, which flows through the human body and the whole universe. Ki penetrate all things and connects the mental and physical level.
Now the goal in the Buddhism is the touch with this energy, to be one with this energy and going to be a part of the divine and to be godlike.
Where is now the different between Karate, TaeKwon-Do and the western fighting systems like boxing, kickboxing or Krav Maga?
In all systems, you can make a punch.
The pristine ambition was another.
The most of the Far East martial art systems were combined with philosophies from the beginning.
To must be fighting was first an imperative necessity to be alive.
Later, the man begun to bring the fighting into cultivation and spiritual affinity.
That means, that some stiles of martial art originated, or continues developed of spiritual reasons.
I have an extreme example from the Aikido.
It is a part of a discussion with Zen Scholar Shigeo Kamata and Tendokan Shihan, Kenji Shimizu. Two students of the Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba.
“Ueshiba Sensei too seems to have trained in his youth only to become strong, but after he was exposed to Omoto-kyo he could perceive the power of the universe, a power far greater than his own. After that, his aikido changed from mere techniques into an art that also included a mysterious power. I think that anyone who pursues a martial art aims first to become strong, but eventually the possibilities of the art are exhausted and, while trying to break this deadlock, one can come to perceive God, or the spirit of the universe, or Zen, or some such thing.”[1]
This “new” Aikido will be teaches in the entire world. I a religion, there is a god. Is the god of the Omoto-kyo religion the same god we know from the Christian bible?
You can describe the Omoto-kyo as a mixing from the Shinto-Mythology, Shamanism, health praying and cult.
In the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians in Chapter 10, Verse 19+20, he wrote: “What say I then? that a thing sacrificed to idols is anything, or that an idol is anything? But [I say], that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have communion with demons.”
Walvoord wrote about: 

“It is right, that an idol is anything (1th.Cor.8,4; Ps.115, 4-7), but behind the pagan religious service, there stood behind always a demon reality. Pagan sacrifices are sacrifices to evil spirits and not to god. Through his minions, the god of this world hath  blinded the minds of the unbelieving (2th Cor.4,4) that they don’t see the truth.
That is why the Christian, they are representation the temple of god (1th Cor.3,16; 6,19), shall avoid the temple of idols (2th Cor. 6,14-18).
And now, it is very important, that every Christian is testing his system.

Now, everybody can tell, that the philosophy is without meaning for him, if you will stay only in physical training and he will be protect, if he will not make empty himself in his mind. But there is no really a guarantee.
We don’t want judge anyone and damn him. We want only to say, that it is better to stay in a safe part. Cause, if there are any effects, they will penetrate very slow and unnoticed.
You can not realize it like a martial art artist, who opened himself for the Ki.

Follow effects can be:

  • The quality of the Christian spiritual life is going to be lost
  • There is not a break-through to be a servant for god and to give the life to Jesus 100%
  • There are bad oblivious of changing’s in the personality (for example: temper tantrum in out of control, although the spirit of the Budo teaches sweet temper)
  • Inability to a prayer with a breakthrough and a real deep faith
  • Anxiety states
  • Depression, trepidation or mental disorders
  • Erratic mood swings between up and down

Please: Pray before starts training, that “the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1th Thessalonians 5:23).


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