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"This is the most powerful Christian documentary I have ever seen!"
--Rabi Maharaj, author of The Death of a Guru

An expose of the Yoga Meditation, Eastern Mysticism, PsychologiaI Therapy, Self-Help, Mind Control and much more... This film expores the eerie world of ego-maniacal gurus and their western counterpats, New Agers.
Many of these concepts, amazingly, have found their way into American churches which, themselves, are the very target of the attack. The film covers the chilling parallels between the belief structure in today's New Age subculture and that in Hitler's Third Reich two generations ago.




Countdown to Eternity

Are you searching for absolute truth? Through prophecy, the Bible authenticates that it alone transcends time and space. No other book dares to establish its credibility by telling the future in advance. The Bible is 100% accurate and prophecy proves it. Bible teacher Bil Gallatin hosts this provocative look at the "Signs of the Times" with Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler, Roger Oakland and Chuck Smith. In this video, we will look at several areas in Bible Prophecy currently being fulfilled. Including ... Moral Decay, Israel, Technology, and more! English (bad Quality)

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