Today, in a time where we hear almost every day new disaster reports, a lot of people are using every chance to withdraw themselves in their own life. Just happy to stand their ground in their different personal fights and problems. They feel their own sorrows are so big and dangerous, that everything what comes in addition to itis to much for them. They think the answer is just to close their eyes for everything around them."


Christian Fight Oriented Sports Ministry
(= Vereinigung Christlicher Kampfsportler)

The uniting of all Christians who are active in fightsports, national and international

Since the fighting sports got developed, the people tried to identify themselves with it, in both mentally and spiritually.
We as Christians find it in Jesus Christ and it is our goal to spread the gospel peaceful among the athletes.

Each Christian athlete can use his/her personal talent for sharing the gospel in his/her sport.
This can happen through being a coach, missionary or prayer partner wanting to be our friends as intercessors without participating actively.

Spread the gospel:
There are different possibilities how to share our faith: through conversations, donating christian books,performing shows and seminars to practice your self-confidence as a christian.