Former vip-bodyguard and teacher for self defense

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Michael Stahl is a qualified self-defense trainer, violence-prevention adviser for numerous TV`channels, fithging sport and self defense expert, multiple World and European champion as trainer, Close-combat trainer, VIP bodyguard, a founder-member of MSE-Germany (Modern self-defense education), an honorary helper with the German Child Cancer Society and book author.
Michael Stahl has developed a new self-defense system based-on the body and rnental stability of the individual pupil. In Michaels opinion, self-defence has nothing to do with the use of force, but rather the power to resist violence. MSE teaches one to beware of and respect others and at the same time, to recognise one’s own limitations.
In his violence Prevention Project he tells his pupils about the problem of violence, and then he takes time to explain the reason for it.
Michael doesn’t have set rules! I his project he has to deal with everything! The problems he his faced with vary from children who are mobbed or abused, to woman and girls who have experienced – or are still experiencing – rape. Others are on the verge of suicide – or have found their way into occult circles.
When he is asked about the rules for learning this type of work, then Michael has to explain that there are no set rules but rather that one has to trust his own feelings.
There are things in this sphere which are simply not possible to learn, and Michaels notices frequently how Jesus helps him. He goes into his class, and lets Jesus inspire him!
Without prior information, Michael can recognise the guilty ones from more than 160 pupils. Through a tactical conversation, he manages to convince these pupils that it’s not clever to beat up or mob a smaller or feminine victim. On the contrary – it’s the proof of lack of self-confidence and your own weakness when you try to win respect through violence and mobbing.
Even when there are not set rules for his work, we should use it as an example and take courage from it and engage ourselves with it as true Christians should.

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