The testimony of the danger of Reiki

"There is a way that seems right..." Proverbs 14:12

Eric Harz was raised in a Christian family, and has been a participating member of a local church since his teenage years. He graduated from Houghton College, a Wesleyan Methodist school.
After several years as a married businessman with children, he received Reiki during a massage, and became enthralled with it. This consuming interest lead to his initiation as a Reiki practitioner, to obtain the second degree in Reiki, and to set his course on becoming a Reiki Master. During his time in Reiki he met the Grand Master of Reiki and became well acquainted with the "Head of the Discipline" and with a president of the Reiki Alliance. He attended the North East Reiki Gathering with practitioners from many schools of Reiki, and practiced this form of New Age healing with uncommon results.

Eric was aware of the conflict between his Lord and this manifestation of demons. When he accepted the challenge to look again at the Scriptures, he could no longer set aside the contradictions. Through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, Eric entered a period of heavy repentance. He came out knowing that what he had learned must be shared with the Church at large.
This book is the result of five years of renewed devotion to the Lord and service in many areas. It contains the lessons learned from experience and insight gained from the application of the Bible. The testimony and the teaching will enable you to better discern and share the truth about Reiki.
Here he is speaking his self about his experiences:
When I first began speaking out against Reiki, my grandmother asked, "How can you say anything used to heal people is against God?"  After you read this book I hope you will see how and why I speak against it. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 14:12 NIV). Please pray for ears to hear what the Holy Spirit would say to you…”and lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5 NIV). That does not mean you should turn off your mind.  Because feelings can be misleading we need to reason more clearly, and then be ready to learn what we did not already know.  Even our own reasoning can be misleading so… “in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.   Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil” (Proverbs 3:6-7 NIV).  If you do not agree with me, my prayer is that at the least you will be convinced that Reiki is not from the same source as the Bible. The Bible’s author will lead you correctly.
There are some people who know more about Reiki than I do. Some others know more about Scripture and have better writing skills.  However my experiences and clear lessons from Scripture can help anyone understand and become capable of explaining the truth to others.
This book is written in five parts: testimony, Scripture chart, applications, glossary and a removable pocket guide. My testimony covers the time from my introduction to Reiki through my complete release from its bondage into Christian service. Much of it is written from my prospective during the time of these events. At some points it may sound as though I were still in Reiki. If you read this book through to the end you will find the conclusions are Biblical and not merely experiential. The Scripture charts contrast what is written in the Bible with the practices of Reiki. The next section contains the Scriptural applications necessary for Christians to understand and combat the practice of Reiki. The glossary has short explanations of some words and concepts common to Reiki. The last portion is the tear off pocket guide containing both the Scripture charts and contact information to request further assistance.
I recognize that much of my testimony might be seen as gossip. If I could tell the whole truth without exposing private matters, I would be delighted to do so. In fact, if there were any way to remove Reiki’s veil without revealing the details of another’s life, I would gladly do it.
As you read through this book you may get the impression that Reiki is consistent in its ability to heal. More commonly Reiki practices do not result in healing, but people continue treatments for the temporary relief it offers. In some cases it even creates new and deeper problems. One man, who had no previous history of mental illness, wrote to me that after undergoing an initial Reiki treatment he experienced such deep depression that he eventually had to enter a mental facility.
I received an e-mail from another man who found himself drawn away from his Christian faith, “backsliding,” while trying to balance Reiki and his commitment to Jesus. He was uncomfortable with the conflict but stated to me that he was still reluctant to end his Reiki treatments. He considered my warnings to be scare tactics. Dismissing warnings as attempts to create fear is a common and easy reaction to what you will read. My purpose is not to scare people out of Reiki. But to challenge: ‘do you really believe all of what Jesus said, or just the comfortable parts that are compatible with Reiki.’ ‘Will you accept the integrity of those original witnesses of Jesus, or will you choose only the Scriptures with which you are comfortable?’ ‘Will you put your comfort before your God?’
If you have any questions please approach someone in the Lord, a pastor or counsellor, who can help you find deeper answers and support you in prayer. I will try to remain available to help in any way I can via the contact information at the end front of this book and the end of the pocket guide.
I have come to care deeply for the people mentioned in this book. Many of them have touched my life with what I believe was a genuine concern for me. They appear righteous, loving and full of light. You will understand that better as you recognize their father. He also appears as a source of light: for this fact he has been known as Lucifer, the bearer of light.
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